Sometimes they gather, and then you have a possibility to touch a miracle...

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The Art- project «The TenorS of the XXI century» was created in 2006.

Before the moment when famous Russian musician and producer Dmitry Sibirtsev realized the idea of integration of several tenors into a separate ensemble, touring schedules of the project’s future soloists ALEXANDER BOGDANOV, ALEXANDER ZAKHAROV, ALEKSANDER OSTROVSKY, MAXIM PASTER, SERGEY PISAREV, ALEXANDER SKVARKO, MIKHAIL URUSOV, EDWARD SEMENOV AND GEORGE FARADZHEV had performed at the world’s most prestigious concert venues such as La Scala (Milano), “Teatro di San Carlo» (Napoli), Covent Garden (London), Teatro Communale di Bologna, Semperoper (Dresden), Teatro Lirico di Cagliari, Bolshoi Theatre of Russia (Moscow), National Opera of Ukraine (Kiev), “GewandHaus” (Leipzig) ,Palau de les Arts (Valencia), Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (Moscow), Carnegy Hall (New York) and others...

Although these singers continue their solo career, they have been getting together and giving over 120 concerts a year for more than 10 years. During the existence of this project, the «The TenorS of the XXI century» have presented to the audience more than fourty different programs, where each of singers indispensably sings several solo compositions. At the same time the audience is always expecting to the moment, when the soloists appear on the stage all together, each of them is an owner of unique timbre, original performing style and dramatic temperament. It gives public an opportunity to enjoy, empathize, compare and appraise!

"The TenorS of the XXI century" had a fantastic success in USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Cyprus, lebanon, Netherlands, Macedonia, Montenegro, South Korea, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Tadjikistan, Latvia, Kazakhstan and other countries. The art-project always takes part in cultural programs and government summits of top-level. They performed for the Russian President Vladimir Putin (2005-2007, 2009 - present time), Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, among whose guests were president of USA George Bush, Prince of Monaco Albert, Premier Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, French President Jacques Chirac, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, the former Chancellor of Germany, Representative of European Union of external policy and security Havier Solana, guests of Group of Eight summit in Saint-Peterburg (2007), Presidents of countries of CIS and many other politicians and famous businessmen.

After a tragical quietus of Edward Semenov in 2010, the project intermittently gave performances with such famous Russian singers as Roman Muravitsky, Yaroslav Abaimov, Artem Golubev and others. In 2014 “The TenorS of the XXI century” project added one more singer who participates in all the programs of ensemble - tenor of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, Stanislav Mostovoi. Meanwhile, Mihail Urusov, Sergey Pisarev and Alexander Ostrovsky have gone out from the permanent cast of the group. Each of these artists has contracts at foreign opera companies (Mihail Urusov in USA, Sergey Pisarev in Germany, Alexander Ostrovsky in Poland). They are still in the cast of “The TenorS of the XXI century” but in status of guest soloists who take part only in several programs of season.

The Art- project «The TenorS of the XXI century» is granted “National heritage” award (2007) and Moscow City Award in the field of literature and art (2013). The soloists of the project Maxim Paster, Alexander Bogdanov, Mikhail Urusov and Dmitry Sibirtsev became prizewinners of Irina Arkhipova’s foundation award. Mikhail Urusov got a title of Honoured Artist of Russia while Alexander Zakharov got a title of Honoured Artist of Ingushetia. All the soloists of the project are the winners of many different vocal competitions.

In 2011 “The TenorS of the XXI century” realized a DVD from the concert in ”WIENER STADTHALLE” (Austria), which was held in October 2009. In 2014 they realized the album “The Golden century of soviet tango” and have started working on recording their first original album, the songs for which are written by composer Elia Neve. Alexander Bogdanov, Alexander Zakharov, Maxim Paster and Mikhail Urusov have recorded their solo albums, Dmitry Sibirtsev took part as accompanist in CD recordings of many famous singers.

December 31, 2014 “The TenorS of the XXI century” gave a concert with solo program in one of the most prestigious halls of Moscow: Crocus City Hall at the first time. In summer 2015 collective made debuts in two other famous halls: Israeli Opera in Tel-Aviv and Dzintaru in Jurmala. In season 2015-2016 tenors are again invited to Israel, Latvia, Cyprus and different cities of Russia. Meanwhile, citizens of Moscow and guests of the capital will see new solo programs at the best halls of Moscow: House of Music, Philarmonia, Moscow State Conservatory.

In 2016 the Art- project «The TenorS of the XXI century» will celebrate its decennary, preparation for which has already begun. One of the concerts of the forthcoming season will become the thousandth collective’s performance on stage.

We are looking forward to see you at the concerts of the Art- project «The TenorS of the XXI century».